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Dolores Fickenscher is a highly rated fulltime Notary Public for the State of Pennsylvania. She is well educated in loan signing and general notary work. For the last 2 years Dolores has been working diligently at QUILL NOTARY deterring fraud with each successful signing. Always learning and forever being mindful about getting it right.

This is a second career for Dolores. For 38 years prior to being a notary Dolores was a barber. Coming from a service industry with management experience, it was an easy transition. Making people feel comfortable comes naturally to her.

The key to Dolores’s success is her interest in being hands on. This is true not only at QUILL NOTARY but also in her personal life as she and her family continue to become more self-reliant. Gardening and food preservation gives Dolores a great deal of satisfaction.

DISCLAIMER – I am NOT an attorney licensed to practice law in this Commonwealth.

I am NOT allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration or charge for these activities.

  • I cannot explain or interpret the content of the documents to you
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