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What is an Acknowledgement?

The purpose of an acknowledgment is for the signer, whose identity has been verified, to declare to the Notary that he or she has willingly signed a document.

What is a Affidavit?

The purpose of a Affidavit – also known as in some states as a “verification upon oath or affirmation” – is for the signer to swear to or affirm the truthfulness of the contents of the document to a Notary.

Difference Between an Oath and an Affirmation

While both oaths and affirmations are notarial acts that compel a person to tell the truth, an oath is a solemn, spoken pledge to God or a Supreme Being, while an affirmation is a spoken pledge made on the signer’s personal honor with no reference to a higher power. Either is considered acceptable.

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Services Offered

  • Apostille Agent
  • General Notary Work
  • Oath & Affirmations
  • Signature Witnessing
  • Deed in Lieu
  • Power of Attorney
  • Applications
  • I-9 Forms
  • Buyer & seller Packages
  • Hospital Signings
  • Deed Signings
  • Trust and Estate Packages
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Consent Forms for a minor
  • Home Equity Loans
  • And More…

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