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Virtual Notarization aka Remote Online Notarization

 In today’s digital age, more and more services are moving online, and the notary industry is no exception. Remote online notarization (RON) technology has been around for over 10 years. It is a process that allows people to get their documents notarized without having to physically meet with a notary. With recent epidemic & health concerns the process is now more widely accepted. In this article, we’ll explain what RON is and how it works.

 What is Remote Online Notarization (RON)?

Remote online notarization (RON) is a process that allows people to get their documents notarized online from anywhere in the world. With RON, the notary and the signer communicate through a secure audio and video platform, and the notary electronically signs and seals the document. RON is an alternative to traditional notarization, which requires the signer to be physically present with the notary.

 How Does Remote Online Notarization (RON) Work?

 To get a document notarized remotely, the signer first needs to find a notary who offers RON services. The signer then schedules a remote notarization appointment with the notary and receives instructions on how to access the video conferencing platform.

During the appointment, the notary and the signer connect through the video conferencing platform, and the notary verifies the signer’s identity using a combination of credential analysis and knowledge-based authentication (5 questions) or biometric analysis (face recognition). An electronic version of the document will be visible on screen to both parties, the signer will apply their electronic signature and the notary electronically signs and seals the document.

Once the document is notarized, the signer can download then use the notarized document for its intended purpose.

 Is Remote Online Notarization (RON) Legal?

Remote online notarization (RON) is legal in many states and is gaining popularity due to its convenience and efficiency. However, not all states have adopted RON laws, and the rules and regulations surrounding RON vary from state to state. It’s essential to check with your state’s notary public division to see if RON is legal in your area and what the requirements are.

Remote online notarization (RON) is a game-changer for the notary industry, providing a convenient and efficient way for people to get their documents notarized without having to leave their homes. While RON is not yet available in every state, it’s gaining popularity, and the number of states that allow RON is expected to increase in the coming years.

QUILL NOTARY offers RON services. Dolores Fickenscher is a commissioned Notary in the State of Pennsylvania and authorized to notarize documents online for use nationwide.

JULY 2023 

Why a Mobile Notary Can Help
Providing mobile notary services is the heart of my business. Many people are surprised to learn that notaries can come to them instead of requiring them to travel to an office. Mobile notary services can be incredibly helpful for a variety of reasons, and here are just a few:

Convenience: One of the main benefits of mobile notary services is convenience. If you’re unable to travel to a notary’s office, bank, etc., or simply don’t have the time to do so, a mobile notary can come to you. This can be especially helpful for busy professionals, individuals with mobility issues, or those who live in rural areas. I frequently receive requests to provide mobile notary service at the local hospital and various care facilities; whenever I assist under these circumstances, my clients are so appreciative of the service.

Flexibility: Mobile notaries are often more flexible with their schedules than notaries who work in an office. This means that they can often accommodate last-minute requests or appointments outside of regular business hours. This can be especially helpful for individuals who work during the day or have other scheduling constraints. Comfort: Notarizing documents can be a stressful process, especially if you’re dealing with important legal or financial documents. When a mobile notary comes to you, you can complete the notarization process in the comfort of your own home or office. This can help put you at ease and make the process less stressful.

Accuracy: When you work with a mobile notary, you can be confident that your documents will be notarized accurately and according to the law. Our mobile notaries are trained professionals who have experience notarizing a wide range of documents, so you can trust that your notarized documents will be legally binding.

Whether you need notary services for personal or business purposes, a mobile notary can be incredibly helpful. We offer convenience, flexibility, comfort, and accuracy, making the notarization process much smoother and less stressful. If you’re in need of notary services, consider working with us to make the process as easy as possible!

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